Freddie Mac (FHLMC) has announced several upcoming changes to their seller guide, specifically in relation to Assets and Income.  With these changes, you will find there are some enhancements for qualifying, as well as some new restrictions/requirements.  One of the changes is that FHLMC will be requiring analysis of the business to support that the business has sufficient liquidity and is financially capable of producing stable monthly income for the borrower, similar to Fannie Mae.

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Progress is Not Possible Without Change.

2015 showed strong signs of growth for many mortgage professionals and companies across the nation. Additionally, regulatory agencies ranging from the implementation of TRID to the CFPB have clearly played a major role in governing what we can and cannot do, forcing many mortgage entities to rethink their game plan and learn to adapt to the ever changing landscape.   

Yes, change seems to be the subject on everyone’s tongue these days and has always been somewhat of a controversial matter.

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The unexpected results in the Presidential election caused significant volatility in the markets, both overnight as the likelihood of a Trump victory grew and the next couple of days as investor expectations for the U.S. economy under Trump became the focus. Mortgage rates ended the week at the highest levels of the year, and the Dow stock index reached a record high.

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