Progress is Not Possible Without Change.

2015 showed strong signs of growth for many mortgage professionals and companies across the nation. Additionally, regulatory agencies ranging from the implementation of TRID to the CFPB have clearly played a major role in governing what we can and cannot do, forcing many mortgage entities to rethink their game plan and learn to adapt to the ever changing landscape.   

Yes, change seems to be the subject on everyone’s tongue these days and has always been somewhat of a controversial matter.

Over the last year alone, many of us have learned to become quite comfortable with change, no matter how challenging it may be. We have also come to find that even when things appear to be going along pretty well—there is always significant room for improvement.  

Yet, some still refuse to accept change, embracing the old adage “If it ain't broke, don't fix it”. While there is truth within this statement, we have come to find that this ideology doesn’t quite fit within today’s business model.  Sure, you can keep doing what it is that you do, trying to not make any waves along the way and adhering to a safe and steady course.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Staying the course can be very effective and takes a strong commitment especially if the landscape around you is constantly moving and shifting.  

However, this philosophy tends to lose its legs rather quickly especially when the sheer force of change arises.  Moreover, it lends to a mindset that breeds an atmosphere of complacency and a lack of motivation-- thus becoming a little too comfortable and not wanting to aspire to do better-- and let’s face it, there is no room for mediocrity or complacency, especially if you want to move ahead in life.

So what’s the answer?  

Perhaps we need to consider another ideology—“being comfortable with the uncomfortable”. The idea of Change. 

For many of us, just the thought of change can be viewed as unwelcoming and unsettling.  Change brings with it a certain set of circumstances and unknowns, a possible disruption of order, as most of us are quite settled in our ways and daily routines.  Change can also be positive and bring about new ideas and an evolution of progress

PRMG CEO, Paul Rozo said, “In our case, it has been a full paradigm shift in how we look at things in an effort to do BETTER in all that we do-- literally turning them 180 degrees upside-down on their face to see how they fare. Short of doing a complete forensic, you really have to look closely at all departments and processes particularly at the correlating data provided by KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to identify weaknesses and where positive improvements can be made.  From there it becomes more about redefining and modifying your processes along the way in an effort to roll with the contour of the changing landscape; all while not compromising the integrity of the business or the customers we serve.” 

Again, in an ever-changing landscape such as the mortgage industry, it is vital that you stay in touch with regulatory changes and remain nimble and flexible enough to adapt to them.  After all it is the continual cause and effect of change that helps shape our industry.

Perhaps it’s time we all consider embracing the idea of change.  For PRMG, it is clear and imminent… “Progress is not Possible without Change”.